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About FaceTuner

Take your images to the next level with a unique twist. Surprise your friends with customized versions of their photos published to your profile. Enjoy exploring your creative and mischievous side with the personalization options that FaceTuner makes available to you.

How it works

  • Choose images from existing Facebook photos, images stored on your PC or start with a blank canvas. To access photos from Facebook you need to log in to your account.
  • Choose from a variety of customization options including Face Parts, Cartoon Bubbles, Funky Accessories and Professional Grade Special Effects.
  • Share your tuned pictures with your friends by posting on them Facebook, Twitter or send them by e-mail. You can also save your pictures on your PC.
  • Personalize as many images as you want and give us your feedback using the Feedback dialogue or FaceTuner page on Facebook.